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13:45 first try

9:13 second try

6:02 third try

6:16 4th try

5:42 5th try, accidentally pressed r

4:47 6th try, panic

7th try almost a 3 sub, messed up at the last part twice

ok i give up, cool game, feels just like "getting over it"

Bro I remember watching people play this game lol (I never knew it was available on mobile tho 😳)

This is the game of all time

Great game, great humor, enjoyed playing 🙂

beat in 5:00 nice job tho. Lots of youtubers lately


thats too easy make this harder

5:00 lozers

16:02 Go fuck yourself

26:37 hated the game, loved the concept 10/10 i wanna die

i fucking hate this game especially the last stage its fucking impossible. i want to fucking eat dry wall and shit bricks. this game is like trying to tap dance with a tsar bomb. 8/10 im going to kill myself now. i hate  this fucking game so much.



joguin manero


This is the coolest concept. I hated it 10/10

i feel bad for the dragon =(

dw i think the dragon is into it

i know right lol

canon event?

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24;17! I hate this game so much LMAO It's be cool if the game was longer though, it was a lot of fun EDIT: I tried again and got 14:53!!!


I hate this game. 10/10


Cool game!


Dude, I couldn't wait to stick my long gold sword in that bitch. She felt me.



Spent the first ten mins with a smile on my face, then after the last level had to go outside to calm down. 10/10

The last level broke me but I eventually completed it. 30:11—the longest time I've seen in the comments so far lol

First run of 18:55. Amazing game, would love it if there were a few more levels, even though I would hate it at the same time because of the difficulty. The last part of the last level was very tricky, but once I got the hang of it I managed to complete. 10/10 won't play again for now.


cant believe i spent half an hour playing this and i was able to beat it i enjoyed it but man never again 😂 i made a video on it, views and likes and subscribing is much appreciated Thankyou! Keep up the good work!

so cute 


Very cool Idea! I really like the art, as well as the music, and this has a lot of potential, but the controls are kind of annoying. Other than that though, I really like the idea

thats kinda the point


dumb stupid idiotic moronic pinhead dragon dragged me into this stupid mess when i die i jus wanna stab her around 234923423984729384894394729824 frickin times dsdhsjdjshhjhsjhdjshjshdshdshjksdfsjksak >:(


no way I just spent 1 whole hour on the 5th level... I like how excited I was to destroy the heart of the dragon at the end. Great game with amazing art and gameplay with jacky physics, overall its an amazing game, would recommend

22:57 ez

14:34, not bad for a first timer 


"is it even in"

emotional damage

my first win

23:16 lmao

hives. 25 minutes and 25 seconds.


i dont know how to screenshot on a computer but i got 27: and 3somethig seconds

Time 63:36 made me so mad go watch it. Thanks for the great game.


HO MY GOD THGE LAST PART IS ************ ******* ** *** *******

almost under 4 30



Got a new PB of 10:38! That's an improvement of 16:53 from my last PB


ayyyyy first sub 6

26:58. That was a fairly stressful experience. You did an amazing job, though.

BTW, what's the protagonist's name?


first sub sixer yall

just got 5:18

YOOO 5:07

JUST GOT SUB 5!!! 4:59







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