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I'm not necessarily proud of my time... but I did it.

My current best as of now is 5:37 I don't really feel like improving it, but I may! I really enjoyed the game and the music it was a fantastic game! 




the power of playing getting over it back in the day

damnit, i JUST got this time and thought i had the record!

Deleted 2 years ago

32:34! Very tricky game, but fun to play.

So hard! But worth it! Thanks! Played through it twice and it was still hard!

Really fun and has very unique mechanics and overall great concept. Though sometimes it felt a bit tedious and it felt like I was fighting the game most of the time but I can understand that that's the point. Would love to see this expanded into a bigger game if ever. Completed it in a good 18:35, I rate it a solid 8/10

22:18! That last segment was really tricky, but overall this was a ton of fun!

29:16 that last one was odd felt like I was cheesing the physics(edging my body weight with the sword to reach platforms)

I haven't even played this but I like it already

My time's not anything special, but this was a fun experience! Some of the mechanics could've been tutorialized a bit better, like wiggling (the hints were a bit vague) but overall I think you really did a good job of making interesting challenges.

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Is there anyway to back to checkpoint without resetting the game? I'm stuck and can't do nothing...

i open this page but the game nothing show on screen. i use Win 7.

ABsolutely goddamn hate this game so so so much, but also 9/10 game really well made, but i do want to attack you for making it so extremely difficult on that last level. Also, one thing to make the final level not as painful, is to make the sword wiggle trick far far far easier to actually implement, and just in general, having a more consistent swinging speed for the sword would be make the game infinitely better.

Graphics look great, but I personally don't like the control scheme.  I won't embarrass myself mentioning how little progress I made, but for me the frustrating mechanic of the mouse controlling the sword (and the whole flipping thing in general) didn't make it worth pursuing.  Awesome effort, though.

Hi rustysabre, there’s a few alternative control schemes in the description if you want to try again sometime.

looks pretty neat from what I've seen, but the game isn't

 loading for me, so I haven't had the chance to play it.

prerformance is pretty poor, but the game design is solid!


I had to rip myself away from this game! Easy to learn and hard to master! 

Loved this game, but the Bennet Foddy aspect of the last level frustrated me to the point of cussing honestly. Was a lotta fun though!


the game isn't launching at all, is there a way to download it ?

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First of all, I want to fuck that dragon, I hope she/he/they enjoyed the sword things. Second of all. 131:32, to be honest, I got stuck in last level trying to overcome the upper part for like good 40 minutes, and then realized I was trying to go where I shouldn't have. But game is really nice, but yeah, I want to lewd that lizard.

Very neat game, consider de-cheesing length 4 area that can be bypassed the same way with length 5 sword.


As a self respecting lesbian, I think this is the best time I could've hoped for, on my 4th or 5th try. Nice.


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all i feel is sheer anger

edit: finally did it at 48:57. life is pain

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This is a cute little game but that last level is near-impossible.  Specifically came to see if anyone else had figured it out and if they could share the trick.

EDIT: after a restart managed to figure out the trick, scored 18:51.  For anyone stuck on the last level: you have to wiggle in that tiny hole at the top of the first wall.


The final level is frustrating, but once you figure it out, it's not bad at all. Very good little game, loved it!


That last area brings the game to a screeching halt. It doesn't make any sense whether you win or lose and the penalty for losing is too high. Immensely frustrating and vague.


had to give up at area 5, too frustrating, but it was fun until that point. disappointed I didn't get to see the end.


Total time: Infinite

Literally cannot figure out how to get past the first obstacle in the Length 5 area. The distances are too long and I keep falling back onto the reset point. 

I quit.

Got stuck there for 40 minutes, you need to use lower path.

43:26. Man, that last level was tough! Awesome game. A simple and fun mechanic that was executed well. The art is cute too! Would love to see a longer version sometime. Great job!

I should be working

But I've been beating my own record instead


Beat the game in 80:00. I enjoyed the playthrough but I have to say length 5 was more frustrating than it was enjoyable. It was odd for it to suddenly be so much harder. The good part of the challenge was solving the 'reach for it' but actually getting the controls to work with me and not be finicky was painful. By the time I was passed that, what remained (which wasn't as hard) just wasn't as fun.

Deleted 2 years ago

first attempt was 26:07, feeling like it would’ve gone much quicker if my keyboard had A/S anywhere near each other! A couple parts felt like cheese, inching forward while dangling off a ledge by seesawing the sword (like ollie’ing a skateboard)


Very good, but there's one spot at the bottom right of the last section where you and sword can get permanently stuck until you reset if you get wedged between the wall and the floor. not sure how intentional that is...


78 minutes, but I need to take breaks with games like these. That said, I normally hate games in the "absurdly challenging platformer" genre (and I'm sure many people would laugh at me for categorizing this as such) but this was a lot of fun. The central mechanic is really clever and the lack of stakes kept my frustration at a minimum. Would love to see a full game like this!

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The final level so tricky. I'm completely stuck on the bit after you cross the chasm back to the reset that tells you to reach for it. I can get the sword on either of the two outcroppings coming down from the ceiling on the left but I can't seem to translate that into enough distance to pivot the sword over to the right.

I like the mechanics though, it takes some getting used to the swing of the sword, but slowly wiggling your way forward on your sword is pretty fun.

Edit: Nvm, got past that bit <3
35 minutes, thanks for making this.


the dragon is soooooooo hot 


down bad

are you saying shes not



Got about halfway through with the longest sword, hit r to go back to the checkpoint after falling, and everything freezes.


Thanks for flagging this! We’ll look into it.


wow that was tough there at the end! good job!

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