Venture deep into the Cavern of Longing. Plunge your sword deep into the dragon's heart! How deep is your resolve? Post your best times in the comments!

  • Feel the weight of a giant sword!
  • Move in ways you never thought possible.
  • Overcome your deepest struggles.

Created in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 48 Jam. The theme was "deeper and deeper". 

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If you’re speedrunning, submit a time on!

Note: The game may take a moment to load. If the game does not load you may have to enable WebGL on your browser.


  • Move - A and D
  • Sword - Mouse buttons or left and right arrows
  • Respawn - R
  • Full reset - 0 (zero)

** You can rebind your controls in the pause menu!


Developed by Cosmic Adventure Squad (@squad_cosmic) Support us on Ko-Fi (



  • v0.1.2
    • Jam submission
  • v0.1.3b
    • Fixed crash when spamming return to checkpoint
    • Added PC and Mac downloadable builds!
  • v0.1.3c
    • Added button to quickly fully reset the game for speed runners!
      • Press 0 to do a quick full reset without refreshing your browser.
  • v0.1.4
    • Added a pause menu where you can rebind keys and change other settings
      • You can now enable milliseconds display for speed running!
  • v0.1.4c
    • Added new options for our speed running community!
      • Added lap display and total time toggle for the x10 format.
      • Added starting stage selector to make it easier to practice.
  • v0.1.5
    • Updated menu UI! Better organization and credits page.
  • v0.1.5c
    • Added best time display on completion screen and Ko-fi link on Credits page. Buy us a coffee :D (if you want...)



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damn man this is crazy shit addictive AF jajajaja


I showed this game to my friends and it has started a whole craze with our friend group. Fastest time was around 5 minutes lol.



new high score! it's 5:53 btw


this game relates to "getting over it" but even harder

Really cool but its a bit too hard to beat


Love this charming puzzle game. Really neat how older maps had to be played differently to progress through the game.

world record run baby lets gooo

This game gave me huge getting over it vibes, it was kinda sus but I loved it 

(1 edit)

Are you a genius?! Thats great,but i really hate this!


great game. I was skeptical of repeating the early caves every time, but I quickly realize that the increased length completely recontextualizes everything! I found the last cavern tedious but overall great work!

This was a really good game and I wouldn't mind if the game was even longer. 

6:00  on steam

hell yeah

I am speed.

sussy face and swifty speed

you did good diziof

i can send i video sary

hy diziof no afence by here are some trics i sent a video on the brone part you can go to the botem and go an the leg plese respond 


is this good


HOLY, this game is fantastic but sooooo tedious, I would 100% recommend 

This was an amazing game I beat it in less than 20 minutes, the visuals were amazing, the gameplay was sometimes difficult but very nice.

hello ! nice game

This game is very nice, the visuals, music, and gameplay is amazing, however, a cool addition would be a dagger or knife at the start to represent those that have daggers instead of swords!




the last part was pure rage


good game, but slightly SUS

did it in 11:20

Ah the Game where you 'S'Lay a dragon

last level was too hard

this game is fun

is this good

I tried speedrunning it for the first time, here's how it went from stage 5.

the dragon at the end xD someone is enjoying this LONG Hard sword in its hole!! ;)


is this any good?


19:20 my first try, idk why people act like this game is so hard. GG

I beat my time by 69 minutes                           sus

so close to sub 10 :(

that last round ruined my life. once i finish this im never touching it again, im done

ez dubs someone try to beat my highscore


This is pretty good, I'd say


Cool game!

Realy nice game! Love it!

hope its good

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