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not even subtle...

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Took me 31 minutes good game 9 / 10 would give it 10 / 10 if it had like another boss or new content but it really is a good game good jop

Loved this mechanic of this game, totally didn't have anything to do with shoving a massive sword into a satisfied dragon...

Ye uuuuhhh...10 outta 10 and simply one of the best games i have ever played.

I did it in fifteen minutes second try i wish I could upload image but I didn't take a screenshot :c

im stuck

it took me 67 minutes... I hated every second of it but it's a good game 

Nice game, but i ran into a bug. At the forth time the blade got stuck in a corner and I couldn't move either with A and D nor the arrows.

r to reset

took me 26 and a half mins XD amazing

This game is really good I love it

Really fun and interesting game. Keep up the great work! 

i got softlocked at the 4th leagth lol


it was quite a struggle having such a LARGE sword, but finishing was so satisfying, 10/10 would cum again


Such a fun game! still can't get past the very last part.

I tried this game. Made a video and I liked it but... that last part got me a bit to angry. I admit that.


new time baby


i beat in 40 minutes :)

i´m feel Happy

I loved the unusual way of the character to get through obstacles, I was used to pressing the space bar to jump but this was surprising. I also absolutely love the visuals and no way that took 72 hours to make! Great game! 

Hilarious project and cute art style! Are there any recommendations on lvl 3?


I rage quit but this game is still a 10/10

new best time

hated playing it. But the game is good

Fun game!


First finish, not bad

Second finish, a lot of improvement


im feel sad now


8 bit getting over it

ahhhhh this is so frustrating 

This is great and very tricky at the same time! Glad my first try beating this game still in sub-50 mins lul

my best time



The amount of "that's what she said" material



Finally 3 minutes



Average Session : a few minutes

Are you sure about that?

My first attempt

My second attempt

My third attempt


whoever designed this game belongs in hell. Made me rage so hard. 9/10. good job.

That last level was brutal.

New best!!!!! :DDD


Best timeeee!!!!!

it took me an hour :)

it is because you are on mobile and mobile is not for type game

ohhh well that explains it




GG bois!!

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