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I have much to learn.

Took me a good half hour

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Im basically a master now

69 minutes lol

AAAAAAAAAAAARRGGH *frustrating screaming

nice game

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This game was harder than I expected lol

36;52 FOR MY FINAL TIME. Oh lord.

28:12 amazing

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My personal best after a week of practice lol. (edit, I just scrolled down to a year ago, and someone got 3:55???)

very funny


this game sucks i hate it lol im raging


Goofy you just suck at the game 


I spent 30 mins on this game and I don't regret it


SOmeone... Help...


This game was more frustrating but fun than I expected, mechanically it reminded me of "Get over it" due to the not so conventional mobility, this game that confronts us with having a large lever which we must use as a lever and support to be able to climb through increasingly complicated caves.

As one understands how the character moves, everything becomes easier, but the eureka moment may take time to arrive even though it is quite satisfactory.

this took me an hour and a half


amazing game


i was tasked to put my "sword" "inside" the dragon but it was too "short" so things got a little awkward

i hope you laughed

I reallly enjoyed the game. Controll was unique. A bit tough to get use to but it wasn't that bad once you get the hang of it. Level 5 tho T_T

Good game! :)


Took me 38 minutes. The “overcome your deepest struggles” is so true.

What a gem of a game.

i remember playing this game a really long time ago BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD HOW THE FRICK DO YOU GET PAST THE FIRST STEP IN THE GOLD PILE WITH LENGTH 1!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?

you press "d" and the left arrow at the same time for  a long period of time.

for some reason i didn't look at the controls and didn't realize you could walk lol thanks

ur welcome! 😁


Such interesting positioning for such a climactic finish - I at times never thought it would get long enough, but with the help of everyone and the action of the dragon I finally swung my sword through. Was I premature if I was done in under half an hour?

I don't want to brag, but: 31:50



I won't brag but 43:58 :}


uhm.... i was just trying to get a new record and this game really said "nope" 



My personal is 4:33,451 and I think it's not too bad. The game is cool though.

did you have to make level 5 that difficult



that level was just foul 


dragon: is it even in?

Me: that's what she said.

dragon: ...

dragon: (kills me).


most well-polished and intricate dick joke i've ever played, 10/10

First try, it was hard, THANKS FOR MAKING THE GAME!








Finally got 6:08!!!

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It's truly funny and satisfactory reaching to a new best time.

:O How

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