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Very difficult for me, i can't do it. I'm stuck.  :/

Why can't I get past level 2 ):

sub 5 min 4:59.855


6:10:542 was my time lol ez

8:30 seconds. still better than my last time

8:34 seconds! Lets GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


I can't be the only one who though of something very very dirty

17:41 first tr


a very stressful experience xD

29:51. first time beating it!

i won!!!!!!!!!!
pretty good for my first completion, especially if you compare it to the other comments lol

Lol very fun game and a well though mechanic. I got some "getting over it" kind of despair some times :D
Also I don't know how I feel about this xD

The Last Level Is So Tricky I Can't Beat The First Part


That was a fun little game. Aside from that one part that made me tear my hair out.

Think you're my clone

i get better with every run im coming for that record

4th try

second try and im not stopping here


This game is better than I initially expected, so much fun to play with this mechanic.

I was trying to get it under 4 minutes for long time. it was a hard grind, but here we go.

ima try and go for world record next

i did it it was easy


i got a pb of 15;57 c:

9:13 nao ^_^

sub 9 woot woo ^_^

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yo, stop spammin

I feel very accomplished that i reached this on my 2nd attempt and it makes me happy to know that i teacher a lower time than the first couple people who commented


first run, didnt really know what I was doing half the time. Fun game, it definitely has that sense of silliness I like to see in video games.


I Finally beat it i have been trying for so long

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(btw 4 new ppl its 27 minutes not 27 hours at first i thought @gg_minkowski beat it in 4 hours)

pretty solid for the first run, congrats.

and yeah, time display with milliseconds is confusing at first.

Never. Again.

not bad for the first run. mine was around 1 hour.

Thanks, I watched a speedrun when I got stuck.

i can't get the last achievement on steam :c but is a great game i enjoyed it a lot :D


I remember when I start playing this my old time was 14 minute I think but I keep playing over and over again unit I got better.

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ZAMN 5 MINUTES?!?!?!?!?


good game. I thought I did pretty well, and then I checked the speed run records. well it wasn't as good as I thought at all :D

that's all I have. I don't think I can do better than this.


better than me

do you still keep playing? how better did you get


second time playing, first time finishing.


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