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Fun !

Took me 47 minutes but it was fun.

Best I could get.

This is my hour of despair

on god

frustrating and brilliantly imagined


i saw the r34 version of this. i am not lying..

The last level was a royal pain. Overall it's a fun game, I really like the unique concept. 

The theme feels a bit, uhh, Freudian... Maybe it's just my imagination though :D

Add a jump button

That would just defeat the purpose. 

Loved this game!

Should I make a 3DS Port ?

Hey, for all you challengers out there, try to complete it without using A or D

fuck yea 6:43

Deleted 2 days ago
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I got 9:27

But I got to last level of last length in 3:26

so deep

I used to be able to speed run in around 7 minutes, but now it takes me 13:06

Nevermind still got it 7:42


28:16 babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

I can't get it to fucking work please help

What do you mean

my best time is 12:15

39 minute. too difficult for me.

but good game

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for sure a rage game

Like it though

first time playing it took me 30:09 hated it never playing it again

first time beating it took me 16:46

Will there be a Shrek-style sequel?)))

Easy peasy only 79 minutes and 29.043 seconds


.... i did 8 mins.

.... i did it in 5

.... i probably beat that at one point.... then quit


took me 30 minutes.... frankly, i want to kill mysel

Funny game but requires patience! lol

not my best time

I wish therewas an easy mode


I FINALLY FINISHED THE GAME. never playing again

how the heck do you even do length 2


Update got in it 6 minute 26 seconds new record for m :)

yo new best time 7 minutes and 38 seconds f yeah 

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10 out of 10 my time is 9minutes and 58 secondes it is astonishing that some people can do it in 3

btw last level is really hard

its pretty easy if you play it a bunch

funny dragon dialoge

Hey there this is a really good game you have here. I really like the idea and I think it's cool but for me the sword mechanic is hard for me to use.

I love the dragon did it die please dont let it die ;-;


i think it suffered a much worse fate


I came for that pussy (cat)

Time: 25:27. Good game! Very difficult lol.

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