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Im crying.


No more crying.




King: Slay the dragon
Knight: Instructions unclear, dragon wants me to kill it again

there are sus vids abt this game but i hope they are false

they aren't

Really great game! Not so best time but i beat it!

After 7 attempts and 2 wins i got this

Great game


i love this game was so good i finish it at 20:44 
keep going with the great work

i replay the game and i hit new score time 8:56


This game hurt me 


i beat this and all it took was my sanity :)

Obligatory "UwU"

love i!


very sus
(1 edit)

bane of my existence



deeeeeeeeeeeeecwuo nfeurfwnuew :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((

aggressive sobbing

[Sadness Noises]


I just got a 4:59.907 I'm so proud

you have to do a volume control because the music is unbearable


Music kinda slaps

I played this at school very weir


i beat the game, my time is 27:23.178

i got a new best time of 10:55.649

good game, made me very sad at some point

I will be playing this live tomorrow 3/17 around 630-7 PM EST


Great game!

I got to length 5 and got to the 5th level in less that 7 minutes. I have not beat it yet and the timer is currently at 32 minutes.


This game took so many years off my life from the stress

haven't played in a while and eyyyy im still fine

best was about 3:30 but doesnt show up here


this game is a fucking pain, i love it


gotta love the devs for going full intent with the sussiness in this

ok i had way to much fun playing this lol


can someone explain to the dev what playtesting is?

I think this game is designed for the kinds of people who are already used to particular physics mechanics. That said, it could be more accessible for new players.
Good level design for twitch puzzle games dictates that you give players a test layout to practice on without penalty for failure.

i hate this game so much, but its so cool

I got a new record

dont think about it

Very Cool Game !! 


This game is literally about trying to penetrate a dragon

I had a great time playing

very fun game. All my friends say they hate it yet they're all still trying to speedrun it under 5:30.

I beat you, lol. ( ´◡‿ゝ◡`)

Cool! Good for you (*^▽^*)

15:17 for my first playthrough is pretty good


im so bad at this. i lvoe it

Great game! I hate it! 

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