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Can you please make the game moddable? I would like to see some new content in the game.


New score boys!!


this made me want to kill myself but in a good way 9/10

a this was hard bro

try and Try!

first completion and now my fingers hurt

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Frustrating but fun :)


fun but i haven't completed it yet (in breif fun but fustrating)


im just gonna leave this here...

Is that 92 MINUTES?!?!

ok, I think he plays for hours just to complete the game


I'm a girl but I was distracted by youtube on a different tab and forgot I was playing

oh. so that's why it took longer to complete the game :l

anyways, why I'm wondering why I play on the website is harder than by using download?


haha dumb girl


try  more faster

does the download even work

yes it works!

if it did not the button would not exist


Hey there, OneFourtySevenAM here, and I just played your game for a video series I have called "Indie Picks". If you're at all interested in seeing what I thought of your game, feel free to watch the video.


Haven't Seen a Good time in the comments so I;m posting my own 

doubt your gonna see this but this is my record from the last day of school

That's a nice number

Absolutely Loved it, reminded me of the rage that boiled in my blood back when I tried to play "Getting Over it"


can you guys pls give my acchivement

I'm actually getting a migraine right now. To the sadistic fuck that coded this, I only have one thing to say:


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i've been stuck in the same place for the past ten fucking minutes

update: finally got out

update 2: are you kidding me


i feel like this was all one big dirty joke, just look at the dragon's face at the end


yeah, we understood that a while ago


6:31 nice

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i raise you 1:13

How do you make it show time like that?

you pause it and then it should say speedrun time then enable it




The game was nice and fun, but between the jokes and the early development drawings, I believe someone of the team must like E6.

Really great game.


An interesting fact is that people who are used to living with a big sword pass the game in less than 15 minutes


maybe im just built different then


20 minutes from first time... I must download it.


i expected that the game reward me with a mesage like "You did it, but did you realize how long did it take you to win all because the size of your sword? All men think that a big sword would it be amazing, but they do not realize the nuisance it entails" or something like that

but nice game


There's people that don't know that this is just a very elaborate sex joke, tidily knit as an indie game

ohno I have noticed I am now knowledge of well hidden message


Took me half a bloody hour. Couldn't walk away until I'd done it. That last section was really tough. What a beautiful, clever little game.


a beautiful game. The controls are simple but they motivate you to be creative


Very good game 



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i beat it in 7 minutes suck it

Edit: 6 minutes now

I didn't take a screen shot but I did it in 7


94:37... living with a big sword is really hard


urbaaaad lmao


Shut up jerk

you literally are bad there is no arguing


it doesn’t matter, you don’t say “you’re bad, laughing my ass off” at someone who genuinely tried

i never said that, the other guy did

waitNONONONO im bad at this game i tried doing level 5 but i cant go on with the difficulty :(

wait no help ahain how do you do level 4 but gold sword


Thats not how you do that part lol


W I G G L E   ' T I L   W I N .

insanely good hidden gem

ive been here for AN HOUR and still cant get past the last stage

probably gonna need a new mouse after this.

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How do I get achievement “Getting over it” ???


Pretty easy

bruh thanks that helped


78:05! Woo!

18:03 now :D



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