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a beautiful game. The controls are simple but they motivate you to be creative


Very good game 



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i beat it in 7 minutes suck it

Edit: 6 minutes now

I didn't take a screen shot but I did it in 7


94:37... living with a big sword is really hard


urbaaaad lmao


Shut up jerk

you literally are bad there is no arguing


it doesn’t matter, you don’t say “you’re bad, laughing my ass off” at someone who genuinely tried

i never said that, the other guy did

waitNONONONO im bad at this game i tried doing level 5 but i cant go on with the difficulty :(

wait no help ahain how do you do level 4 but gold sword


Thats not how you do that part lol

W I G G L E   ' T I L   W I N .

insanely good hidden gem

ive been here for AN HOUR and still cant get past the last stage

probably gonna need a new mouse after this.

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How do I get achievement “Getting over it” ???


Pretty easy

bruh thanks that helped


78:05! Woo!

18:03 now :D




how do i do the blue level at level 3 sword


Pretty easy


Awesome! Almost took 30 minutes to beat. Deceptively challenging, but none the less enjoyable! Cheers!

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stupid imposible game!


i beat it 3 times. its possible trust me.


If you can’t fly to the space, it doesn’t means it doesn’t exist.


ok, this was definitely a metaphor for something way less wholesome.

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Well I was sure it was possible to go sub-5 but only now I have been able to do this. This is still with some mistakes, so ~4:10 is definitely possible.


I haven't been so tense since that time I almost went to prison. Damn gold sword, but good game. <3

yea lol


26, first try!

Will there be a linux executable soon?

very likely!


sub 40min 1st tryTime

SUB 40!

Finally sub 6!!!

6 mins!!! 

YES!!! sub 10!!!

36 minutes. I spent 36 minutes of my life playing this game.
Great game, though my anger issues didn't like this one lol.


Nice Game!


owch hewp i stucc

wiggles are key

my lowest is now 10 min 18 sec, 900 millisec




Good game. Pretty tough the first time playing through.

urghhhh, the last level of the last sword is so hard. i can't reach for it!

just do lol

lol, that's pretty helpful.

actually no, you were right!!! i could reach for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

good job:)


just got a time i'm gonna submit to :o

суки блять ну его нахуй прошел но пока входил блять ебанный рот этого казино скопировал емаил ну что бы не ебаться и все нахуй 34 минуты впустую 

beautiful game loved every second of it


I am now forklift certified


This is like getting over it but with a sword that gets bigger



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first sub 6 minutes WOOOOOOOOOOOooFirst sub 6 min

I loved the game but it was so hard. The dragon was kinda hot tho

First attempt! Really fun game!

i gave up at length 4

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