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OK, now the game is moving towards Day 26... that's just ugh

Made it with 5 people. Great game.


Used notes on my phone to keep track of who robbed me and shot them next time I saw them 



The first person I killed was this little girl who stole from me she was the first person in the line on my first day

i survived with 15 people 

But this guy named Zachary kept trying to pay me for more 

you should have shot him

I killed everyone and left one man, and went on like that


at first i gave a ration to everyone not realizing that i wasn't getting 25 every day

the second time i tried to remember names and one gave meals to people who were starving and shot anyone who was rude and demanded a ration or previously stole one, haha

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i survived all the 25 days with only one merchant 

i shot everyone


I am using Microsoft Edge, I have Adobe Flash enabled and other flash games work but this doesn't. Please fix this!

Cool game, though why do so many people die on the first day?


        To enable flash on Google Chrome:

1) Click the i on the left of the url address.

2) Click Site Settings

3) Click Flash.

4) Always allow it.


lul until u  realize your computer doesn't have the info button thing cause its jack shit


Papers, Please inspiration?


I can't play it keeps saying activate 'adobe' even though I already have downloaded the latest version


cool game. I survived with 2 people lol!


i shot everyone... awesome!

Tomorrow I'm gonna make a YouTube video on this amazing game.


It's not working for me, even though I have flash. Is it on any other website?

it wasnt working for me either. what you have to do is go to your settings and allow flash for this website from there. hope that helped :p

n i c e


Cant seem to run even with flash. Im fully up to date.

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I'm glad to see that this game is still around, after all it was the first one of Vu Ha, Rose Peng and Johan Soriao that I played and recommended on our blog! :) I'm a sucker for "Papers, Please!"-like games anyway, so that one was a blast for me. In its shortness it managed to create some dramatical decisions that had to be made. It's great that it got the 35th place in the whole Ludum Dare 28, a well deserved score! :) Congratulations to that. For potentially interested players I added our gameplay video about it. <3 Keep it up!

Best wishes,

i just killed everyone except farmers and soldiers lol


I have a suggestion, there should also be medicine, but cost more. People who are ill would ask for both rations and medicine, and there should be doctors to create medicine and heal the sick. It's a really good game overall :D


Where can I download this?

Yeah ! I survived with 6 people !

I did it with 4 people


I'd love it if you could make this available for Windows.


How do I play the game?

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I enjoyed the concept, good music and art. But I wish I could do to more with my extra rations!


i love the concept, it reminds me alot of papers please, but this feels way more heart-wrenching to me since this is purely what you see is right unlike papers please, where you were also motivated with your job and paying for your own family. i'd love to see updates to make this a more fleshed out game in the future


10/10 Capable of murdering a whole village with a pistol

He he sadly me too I was the only one to survive.


What software was this created with?


Neat game with a very compelling theme. It'd be interesting to learn how the mechanics underneath are really wired up.


I liked the art and the music fits the game. And of course I liked the idea. Great job guys.

More and less on 10th day, three people survive and don't come more to see you to ask for more rations. So I "won" the game the two times I played. Also, after the 25th day you keep doing your job after survive with some of the population but no one come to see you :/

But this two things didn't bother the experience that this game brings.

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