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I think there should be a "be attentive" option for e.g. when a young child you know has stolen before shows up (so if they try to steal again, you catch them and take back what they've stolen, so they'll be less likely to try again).

just shoot the child


I survived with 3 people


cuba sim


I won with 1 person XD

i wonder what happens if i kill everyone...

Failed at day 11 first try, but second try I won with only having 4 people left. This is a good game.


Really nice game, only problem is that, while at the beginning you try to help everyone and feel bad when people die, you soon enough stop caring and simply feed those that really need it, and shoot those that complain. 


lol same that's what i do everytime... except for the fact that i try to help everyone... i shoot everyone until there's no one left and only survive 2 days.


i killed all the kids


the funny thing is, all they do is eat, so it's usefull to kill all the unemployyed and kids first


Needs a way to deal with illness.  I had a good groove with 7 left including 3 farmers, but illness whittled me down to just 3 survivors.  Much sad.

this reminds me quite a bit of papers pleas

love it

I don’t know what is going on.


i dont know how but i survived with 1 person and 0 rations


Children remaining: 0

Compelling concept.


I found that the best strategy is to kill everyone in line at first and give rations to whoever is left. It's better than 0 and 1


I kIlledD ChILD WHEey

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Very profound and thought provoking. Poses interesting ethical questions. Got a bit repetitive when most of the pop died on my first playthrough, though. Overall, a great game.


a quick guide on the peoples jobs and age (and what dialogue means what)


farmers- produces the rations 

soldiers- help prevent people dying from violence 

workers- gives credit 

merchant- usually gives more credit then the workers BUT is very dependent on the population 

unemployed, student, and children- don't appear to do much 


It seems that the elderly are more likely to die of illness. other than that there doesn't appear to be any other significance


if they mumble, mutter, yell, demand, or threaten- either credits or rations will be stolen 

If they state they're hungry, starving, or "can't go on much longer"- they will most likely die due to starvation 

any other dialog means that they will most likely not do anything and will probably survive another day without rations

hope this helps you all and if I got anything wrong please do tell me and I'll correct it ^v^


Big oof


with the death of flash theres so many games i'll never get to play :(

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Me : want try the game                        PC : you know flash player is dead

Me : F


i killed all then made a child stave for 25 days 

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I've implemented a new strategy:  Kill all but 1.  Give the 1 the ration for the next 25 days. 

Edit:  To prevent guilt don't even look at them.  Just press the gun button.

Edit:  Make sure they don't die though.

I shot everyone except for a farmer,(P.S. All young people, but no children.) a merchant, a worker, and a soilderl.

They can also die of illness... don't keep people who are older alive, they get illness quickly, and the children should die too. 

You know, now that I read this, it sounds really messed up '-w- 

Survived with 4 people and 82 rations


i shot everyone as if i were in a school



Survived with 3 people lol

Good Game


I love this game...i just wish there was a downloadable version.


Not the best game but it is good for making time pass


this game is so easy. you just kill everyone and hoard the rations for yourself

9/10 has a little something for everyone


exactly what i did 

Hey there! Nice game! I'm in <3 with the graphics!

I have this weird glitch where when i try to start a new game it just continues from day 26 and so on and it says (no one came in line today) and then ends the day.

just delete the tab and reopen

I like this game. Was it inspired by Papers, Please?


I killed everyone except one guy and I gave him all the rations and I survived :D



I made it with two people, Randy the child and Lorene the farmer, but the game says the population was 1. Also, trying to replay just continues on from the end of the game. Might want to consider fixing that.

I survived with 2 people and they didn't show up in the pop list so i'll assume they were babies

OK, now the game is moving towards Day 26... that's just ugh

Made it with 5 people. Great game.


Used notes on my phone to keep track of who robbed me and shot them next time I saw them 



The first person I killed was this little girl who stole from me she was the first person in the line on my first day

i survived with 15 people 

But this guy named Zachary kept trying to pay me for more 

you should have shot him

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