Your job is to pass out rations in a war-torn country, with hardly enough to go around. You must tell the survivors "you only get one".

Who do you decide to feed? Do you want the soldiers to stay alive to protect the common folk? Do you save the women and children, the aged, the unemployed? Will you take bribes, or succumb to violence?

Their fates are in your hands.

Initially created in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 28. The theme was "You Only Get One". We placed:

#3 Theme
#35 Overall
#43 Mood

Click the ration to hand it to the current survivor in line, click the X card to deny a ration, or click the gun to eliminate.

Survive for 25 days.

Vu Ha - Code
Rose Peng - Art
Johan Soriao - Audio

Update 1/25/2021

  • Originally built using Flash back in Dec. 2013, Rations Please recently became unplayable since Flash is no longer supported. Due to popular demand,  we've decided to port the game from Flash to Unity so that it can continue being played in browser. Thanks for playing our game!
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(170 total ratings)
AuthorCosmic Adventure Squad
GenreSimulation, Strategy
Tags2D, flash, flixel, Ludum Dare, Pixel Art, Post-apocalyptic, Unity


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Si se pudo

gunned everyone down by in my first go 10/10


I loved the game Great job on everything. I got my people down to 2 with 5 days left then on day 23 the farmer died so it left me with a solider to win the game. 

bro that one guy just pay 14 ratio :skull:

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I had accidentally whittled the population down to a sustainable solo farmer, with enough food to go around. I thought I was finally going to win a game...then, random illness death.

Next game, I semi-intentionally whittled the population down to a couple of farmers and a kid. The farmers died of illness and violence, the kid starved.

Shot every non-farmer day 1. All but one of the farmers died of illness. One of the children came back to life, then died of illness. Amazingly, the last farmer survived (even though it was boring to keep him alive).

Frustrating. The only way you have any chance of survival is killing the non-farmers (or letting them die), and even then you can be screwed over by random deaths.


My best: I give all ration on first day, and kill stealers to see which ones worth saving. First end of the day, I check how many farmers I got then next day all farmers must survive. 

This game is really unfair.

i killed 21 people by the 5th day


I love this game, I never get bored of it <3


why is it not working for me


The only sustainable strategy appears to be getting rid of anyone who is rude(they will steal no matter what you do unless you dead them) and prioritizing farmers, as the inflation of prices means that creds become near useless by the end but rations produced will always feed one person.


"The children, the old, the students, everyone ! they're all dead, by my own hands ! except you, you looked like a nice guy." -me on my 2nd playthrough

guys i broke the game. just kill off all but two workers and wait it out til day 25!

wow... just 2 people... and i produce 2 rations and they keep going 1 line each day... kinda easy :D

I survived with 5 people, honestly I think i get too emotionally attached when playing games bcause i never killed anyone, and i cried whenever i saw someone had died of illness (since no one died of other causes lol, I guess thats good!).


kill the old leave the young


good game,i survived whit two farmers,but the game is really really goo


---{ Graphics }---

☐ You forget what reality is

☐ Beautiful

☐ Good

☑ Decent

☐ Bad

☐ Don‘t look too long at it


---{ Gameplay }---

☐ Very good

☐ Good

☑ It's just gameplay

☐ Mehh

☐ Watch paint dry instead

☐ Just don't

---{ Audio }---

☐ Eargasm

☑ Very good

☐ Good

☐ Not too bad

☐ Bad

☐ I'm now deaf

---{ Audience }---

☑ Kids

☑ Teens

☑ Adults

☑ Grandma

---{ PC Requirements }---

☐ Check if you can run paint

☑ Potato

☐ Decent

☐ Fast

☐ Rich boi

☐ Ask NASA if they have a spare computer

---{ Difficulty }---

☐ Just press 'W'

☐ Easy

☐ Easy to learn / Hard to master

☑ Significant brain usage

☐ Difficult

☐ Dark Souls

---{ Grind }---

☑ Nothing to grind

☐ Only if u care about leaderboards/ranks

☐ Isn't necessary to progress

☐ Average grind level

☐ Too much grind

☐ You'll need a second life for grinding

---{ Story }---

☐ No Story

☑ Some lore

☐ Average

☐ Good

☐ Lovely

☐ It'll replace your life

---{ Game Time }---

☐ Long enough for a cup of coffee

☐ Short

☑ Average

☐ Long

☐ To infinity and beyond

---{ Price }---

☑ It's free!

☐ Worth the price

☐ If it's on sale

☐ If u have some spare money left

☐ Not recommended

☐ You could also just burn your money

---{ Bugs }---

☑ Never heard of

☐ Minor bugs

☐ Can get annoying

☐ ARK: Survival Evolved

☐ The game itself is a big terrarium for bugs

---{ ? / 10 }---

☐ 1

☐ 2

☐ 3

☐ 4

☐ 5

☐ 6

☑ 7

☐ 8

☐ 9

☐ 10

Grab this review template here! 👉


lmao shot evryone on the first day survived.ez lmao


I SURVIVED! But only with two people, Jane Shorts and the kid, Quentin Spires. 10/10!


me too lol 2 people


Survived with two people! Victory tastes like rations. Great game!


lmao same! i had 2 farmers and a soldier and this one annoying farmer keeps stealing from me even tho theres literally just three of them left and plenty of rations left, so i had to shoot her 


Just kill the kids and the unemployed


this looks bad out of and in context-

I mean.... uh yeah....


To win, you just have to do these things:

—Shot the unemployed and the elderly ones.

—always feed the farmers.

—if there is a word like stare or something that sounds like the person could steal the rations, shoot them with the gun.

—Don't give children rations. (only give them when they are willing to pay you but not every time)

—sometimes reject the merchant and if they are giving money then provide them with rations but only one.

Hope you survived. uWu


FINALLY! After 3 weeks of hard grinding.

I feel like there should be a part where we can go searching for coins because these people that I get, don't last but 4-10 days at most. My record was 10 with just one other person alive. They stopped coming. They probably killed themselves in the end.


Why when I tell people "No", I still lose some rations. And it doesn't say that that people are stealing them either.


Bruh, buying all these rations is killing my wallet.


you know I didn't want to use the gun as to ensure peace among to people but that changed after having only 6 people and 4 left. it was time to use the PEW PEW. honestly its a good game. just on day 2 and so far its good 10/10

This game will scar the people of golden hearts.

I enjoyed my time with "Rations, Please", trying to do my best to ensure that everyone who could would live. 

Tragically that meant 'put together a shoot-on-sight list for anyone who steals a ration' and 'the unemployed and elderly get stiffed'. After a while, I was down to only feeding the soldiers and the farmers. Then all the soldiers were killed and I gave up.

I recommend developing this concept further into a more complete game, as it's quite excellent at getting its theme across.


... I commend thee greatly for realism beyond the history channel.

I hate that you put this together with a clear understanding, and for that I must congratulate you on successfully turning my heart to dust...



31 I started with and 1 came out including me. I just gave too many rations they started off dying. And that I might have shot a few.


I'm sorry but it's kinda long and boring imma give it a 5/10 just my opinion sorry


squeaked by with two farmers as my surviving population, lmfao


Well after killing everyone off multiple times I eventually won because...there was a Ghost that wouldn't die -.-"

Yep, I've got a bleeding heart. I gave a child who was starving an extra ration. But he was crying and...

I always gave rations to children and failed on my first try. So depressing :(

First playthrough and I survived with 5 people. And by looking at the comments, I probably did a little bit better

this is so depressing. but yay i won with 3 people. 

I survived with 4 people 48 rations


- sacrifice the students, unemployed, children

- don't give ration until they're so hungry/starving/can't go on much longer

- merchants are only useful in early days

- shoot if someone is useless and suspicious

- rations produced = max(remaining_farmers, remaining_workers)

thanks for the tips

Literally exactly what I did but I felt to guilty to admit it until now to be fair though it’s not real life

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