The world is on the brink of destruction. Guide the pilgrims to appease the Great Deity. Sacrificies must be made along the way...

  • Guide your pilgrims to meet the Great Deity
  • Make sacrifices along the way in order to reach the end
  • Pick up more pilgrim from friendly huts

Created in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 43 Jam. The theme was "sacrifices must be made". 


  • Mouse:
    • Left click and drag to select and move your pilgrims
    • Scroll wheel to change selection radius


  • Vu Ha - Code
  • Rose Peng - Art
  • Johan Soriao - Audio



  • v0.1.0
    • LDJam Submission


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Any chance you could release the gmz or yyz code? would love to see how this was done for the jam!

Wow, what an unusual take on infinite runners! Thank you for making this game, it's awesome. :)