You play as a robot that woke up to find its core modules missing! Explore the world to find your missing modules and repair yourself... and others around you!

  • Control the robot indirectly by dragging and dropping programming blocks
  • Collect new modules to solve puzzles

Created in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2020. The theme was "Repair". 


  • Mouse:
    • Click and drag modules


  • Vu Ha - Code
  • Rose Peng - Art
  • Johan Soriao - Audio



  • v0.0.3
    • Original submission
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(23 total ratings)
AuthorCosmic Adventure Squad
Made withUnity
TagsGlobal Game Jam 2020


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While a bit tedious to actually play, I do like the game and its too short to get super annoying so I think it works out. PLUS the visuals are very nice! I did find the short song loop to get a bit repetitive but other than that- great!

it's a fun idea but it's such a chore to actually play

Innovative product, finished the level really wanting more. Would love to see this as a roguelike! Something I don't like, the play area, is two-fold: 1) Doesn't take long to build a controller. 2) Not automated enough.

i cant play like half of ur games becuz when i click the button to load the game its just black

idk wth is wrong with it 

sorry to hear that :( it might be an issue with the older unity versions used for some of the games or maybe your browser and webgl settings. What browser are you using?



Nice game, kind of slow, You could fix this by making each area explorable from the camera perspective, then make copies of each piece so you can create one code to do the whole thing, rather than constantly clicking and unclicking

Very interesting game! Nicejob!