** Please download the Jam Version  (v0.1.0c) for LD52 judging ** 

“It was all for the Tuna” is a relaxing fishing sim where you play as a cat named Toro tasked to harvest as much tuna as you can to feed all of Nekotuna! Can you find the elusive Godfin tuna?

  • features 6 different species of tuna, each with different values
  • unique fishing mechanic where you manage your stamina along with the fish’s
  • one-button mouse game for fishing and navigation

Created in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 52 Jam. The theme was "Harvest". 

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Note: The game may take a moment to load. If the game does not load you may have to enable WebGL on your browser.



  • Click and hold left mouse button


  • Target a tuna with your mouse
  • Click and hold left mouse button to engage
  • Release to disengage
  • Move your mouse behind your boat to consume energy and reel in the fish
  • Move your mouse in font of your boat to restore stamina


  • Target a town with your mouse
  • Click and hold to move towards the town
  • Upgrade menu will open when you get close enough to the town

Try to catch all the tuna and get all the upgrades!

Known Issues

  • Web full screening can cause text to go missing. Please download the standalone version to play full screen.
  • Web version may have audio that is extremely loud. This issue doesn't happen on the standalone version.


Developed by Cosmic Adventure Squad (@squad_cosmic

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  • v0.1.0 - Initial Jam Build
  • v0.1.0c - Jam Submission
    • Bug fixes
  • v0.1.1 - Post-Jam
    • Fixed audio balance issues
    • Fixed issue with tuna drops appearing  as one stack 
    • Fixed issue with fish count not displaying the correct value
    • Improved tutorial  and tuning
    • Improved world layout and tuna placement 
    • Polished interactions and feedback
  • v0.1.1b
    • Minor tuning adjustments
  • v0.1.2
    • Reduced movement jittering
    • Fixed dynamic camera behavior
    • Improved radar
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(57 total ratings)
AuthorCosmic Adventure Squad
GenreSimulation, Adventure
TagsAtmospheric, Cats, Cute, Fishing, Indie, Ludum Dare 52, Relaxing, Short
LinksLudum Dare


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ItWasAllForTheTuna-v-0-1-0c-PC-32bit-JamVersion.zip 35 MB
ItWasAllForTheTuna-v-0-1-0c-PC-64bit-JamVersion.zip 39 MB
ItWasAllForTheTuna-v-0-1-2-PC-64bit.zip 38 MB
ItWasAllForTheTuna-v-0-1-2-PC-32bit.zip 35 MB


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I got 23:02:879

I actually enjoyed this one, Loved the ending.


Super fun game! Completed it in 20:20.466 on my first run through. The thought of overfishing briefly crossed my mind at the beginning of the game but I still didn't expect that ending lmao. Still loved it


Quite fun 



I really enjoyed this, the cat is really cute!

Nobody has ever done a gameplay video of this yet, so I’m the only one. And also, I’ve done it in 41:34. But great game BTW! Good job.


Great game! We should've taught the kitties how fish farming works so tuna doesn't go extinct


I-I caught all the tuna...but at what cost?


That was lovely! I like boat games.

The ending is pretty sad ngl.


i spent too much time catching golden fish :/

I liked it a lot! kind of disappointed that I couldn't actually automatically fish ( I was expecting to magnetically attract all of the fish i swam past) . I was also never able to catch the big yellow fish. was that intentional or am I just bad at the game? 


Dunno bruhh, 'cause me Neither xD


(1 edit)


oh nvm theyre not special i got like 3 more

Yeah!, finally i caught it! but just one lol

so adorable, and very amazing ending

Nice game, I like it, no rushing to catch fish. if you could add something to avoid of repetition the and add more fun

(1 edit)

* * * * *(5), just wish the ship would not jitter and was smoother while moving, v0.1.2 -64x.

Super cute.I really like it

epik game. got 23:59.701


I enjoyed the idyllic atmosphere created by the peaceful music and gentle graphics.

It was interesting to be able to catch stronger fish with upgrades.

The end of the game made me think that maybe this cat was happy to fish and eat tuna in the beginning, but now he is like a machine that has lost his emotions to just catch tuna, but I was convinced when I actually saw the ending at the end of the game!

Where is the Good Ending!


When the tuna population was revealed to be constant, I knew something was up.

I do like game play real fun! for the Sounds and Audio you can make a volume slider for the music and sfx. For whatever reason Unity3d webgl sounds and music are always loud

Hi, there’s audio controls in the pause menu :) but we’re working on a post-jam version that fixes the audio balancing

Please export to macOS

Amazing game!


anyone figure out how to get other endings? i can only get the sad one :(

idk if there's other endings



Yesss! I love every game you make!