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only 4 of mine died. i just tapped

i managed to keep 4 dinos


Yesssssss!!! Hard game. My hand hurts.

in win wit a 1 dinosaur triceratops hard!



hard game


my mouse hurts ^^

this was so good i won with only 1 left


i am in immense pain, but i won

That's not bad, but isn't enugh. Was so funny

frickin' hard as hecc

i win


My arm hurts horribly now but that was very fun. I'd say the broken arm is worth it!! 

Dang its tough to keep the dinos alive. I only managed two.

i got one

well that was hard

but very fun



That's all that survived.


2 dinos.

Hi, this was really fun! I'm working on a research project for learner drivers where we would like to include a mini-game that lets users experience how distracting multi-tasking can be. This could be a great fit - is there anyway to contact your team directly to discuss via email or similar? Thanks :)

Hi excowboy, Thanks for reaching out, this sounds interesting! You can contact us directly at


Now I know the cause of their extinction !

Very fun game concept. Great job.