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World 28

Edit: world 38

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so funny!

me : hp 733 atk 376

enemy : hp 4360 atk 651

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world 27

Dude this is so clever I love it.

I like it 3/5

31, great game

world 27

13 :0

very addicting, got to world 33

nice and FRESHH!

Is there ANY way to play this on my iphone???? I would give this game my life.

I can't help but notice the character you play as looks like a Palico from Monster Hunter

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Its graphics is fascinating! As said in the comments below, I would like to see in mobile, too. Liked it! As a mini suggestion, maybe difficulty can differ because after a while, it seems same.


Another wonderful entry of the best adventure squad in the whole universe! :D I've been amazed by the simple roguelite idea on a single, little planet - it was quite addictive to try to get a better highscore with each new game! <3 Also, the voxel art is so cute! Congratulations to the 17th place in the Ludum Dare 38, by the way - well deserved! I also included your sweet game in one of our compilation articles about the jam, along with two other entries, and featured it in one of our showcase videos. :) Keep up the great work, jam entries like yours make the gaming galaxy a better place. <3

Best wishes,

World 28

Died on lvl.70 from hitting the wrong key by mistake and getting one shot.

Each round gets VERY long latter on but it doesn't get boring quickly, nor does the music get annoying so a very good game you can spend ages playing.

If I were to recommend some things it would be to change the Info at the bottom about the squares, such as have it slide over instead of poping in and out and also a physical bar for health too and if it have a signal like the outline changing when you can one-shot something that would be helpful too.

Have fun :)

died on level 43  surrounded by robots with hp 1233 .. ouch

Love it!

Oh my goodness! I LOVE THIS!!! 

I really, really wish you are able to save progress though.....

Really cool! Would appritiate a lot if the devs once it's out on mobile could replay here Thanks! GREAT GAME

One of the best Ludum Dare 38 games I've played so far! I could go further but stopped at World 44. Amazing graphics and gameplay.