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He looks like Bendy

You can't bind to a controller?

Suuper fun Game! Beat it in 8:21:893

very cool and simple concept

loved it!


How did you make it so that it is downloadable and playable in the browser at the same time?  I want to know so I can do it as well


hey RayBones, you can upload multiple different builds of your game. For the web playable version there should be a check box for “plays in browser” and for downloads you’ll have to select the platform. Hope that helps.


Thanks a million :D

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i beat the story mode in 10:36.237

oh my god that felt so good

edit: picture proof

i found myself spending more time wrestling with the bus than actually worrying about my own hp

also i love the apathetic look on the bus drivers face like "same shit every day"

same here keeping the bus stable is harder than fighting the enemies

i liked this game so much! and i even have some ideas for it: skins shop, abilitys shop, emotes shop, and an inventor, thats all!

This game is amazingly good!  It's so unique, how you have to balance the bus while fighting enemies in order to keep the bus on the mountaintop. The mechanics are fantastic too! Nice Job!

very fun


Dashy Cat for smash


dashy cat for nickolodeon smash 

nice :)

Show post...


i clipped trough the bus

Another banger

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Nice game! :D I made it through and beat the boss :)

Gostei, é divertido.

its good

It's tough, but I just started...

Love the game!