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this is a good game and it also took me 10 trys to beat

awesome little game! :D

this is awesome

God damn this game is amazing

This is amazing!

wow, really beautiful aesthetics! The main idea is pretty interesting too! nice!

I like the very basic controls


wow, this is so nice! I really like this 10 revolutions angle and how easy it is to play! The aesthetics make me want to contnue making games.


I love it! :D


I love the design of the forest spirit! The health bar also looks very cool!

Nice feel, it would have been nice to have better control for jumps, but overall for a game down within 72 hours, this is very good! Nice music by the way.

The game is amazing, I love how the story is a loop, but you can hit enemies behind platforms, but beside that this game is amazing