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why the hell is space jump? theres a perfectly good up-arrow/w key that would do the job just fine. also Z is such a weird key to use for attack!

i would have made space attack, and the above. also, not sure why attack moves you an inch forwards...


The game was very interesting, even if it often felt like the strategy relied on luck for getting enough health pickups.

I'm not entirely sure how to feel about the ending.

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I have found a chessy strat to pass the game quickly: hold RIGHT and spam ATACK (jump where it´s necesary).

Would be cool if the atack button costs mana or were limited in someway to avoid what I mentioned.

Nice game : >


so beautiful... also my only complaint is that every time I attacked, I moved forward


Loved it! my biggest enemy were the thorns.

this is a good game and it also took me 10 trys to beat

awesome little game! :D

this is awesome

God damn this game is amazing

This is amazing!


wow, really beautiful aesthetics! The main idea is pretty interesting too! nice!

I like the very basic controls


wow, this is so nice! I really like this 10 revolutions angle and how easy it is to play! The aesthetics make me want to contnue making games.


I love it! :D



I love the design of the forest spirit! The health bar also looks very cool!

Nice feel, it would have been nice to have better control for jumps, but overall for a game down within 72 hours, this is very good! Nice music by the way.

The game is amazing, I love how the story is a loop, but you can hit enemies behind platforms, but beside that this game is amazing