Post-GGJ Updates

We've had a really fun week incorporating players' feedback into Packets, Please! 

Here's a short (and by no means complete) list of what some folks have put in:

  • Updated title screen
  • Updated notification icons
  • Custom avatars for special characters
  • Logic improvements for the policy checks
  • New audio loops
  • Updated UI ordering
  • Better feedback for demerits
  • Much Much More!

In other exciting news, Tom Fulp of Newgrounds reached out to us and asked if he could feature the game! This was especially neat because Newgrounds was a bit of a starting place for some of the folks on the team, so it was a real pleasure to put something up again after such a long time away.

We'll be continuing to add small improvements for a bit longer, and want to thank everyone who's taken the time to play, leave comments, upload recordings, and share this little game. Thank you! We all have busy day jobs, but Game Jams are a great way to reconnect with our roots, and it's always exciting to think about making these projects into something bigger and better. Who knows, maybe some day we'll decide to move forward and put in the work to take this from prototype to a fully fleshed out game. Some things we'd definitely need to plan out: 

  • More story threads and a strong central plot
  • Different endings and outcomes
  • More special characters and easter eggs
  • Additional rules and upgrades to the rule system

Thanks again, from the team, and from CosmoCast Corporate Policy.

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