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Damn this game gets hard in the later levels, I love games like these that slowly develop the story in notes

Windows-build, please.


I honestly thought this was gonna be like Rations please, and I was pleastantly surprised!

im back


how to skip someone


you guys really like papers please

i feel like this happened in a dream

i played another game and i thought i played that game before but i never did i just remember one clip that implanted into my brain. deja vu????

The game is really fun and challenging. What took me by surprise was that the game said to 'process customers in a timely manner' which I guess means 'do your job faster' (I got too many strikes and got fired). But nevertheless, I enjoyed this game.


okey so the game is fantastic but I think there is a bug that must be fixed: from the day 8 every days are the same
And You should put a button that said: Do notthing 


The MM/DD/YY is confusing.

Why can't you just use DDMMYY?


in america mm/dd/yy is the standard so i think the creator just didn't consider the other way


it's very annoying for us the 95% of the world that doesn't live there


understandable :( i hope they see this thread


I stopped at day 13 as the rules of the game didn't change for 5 days, unsure if that was a bug or not




Well done.  How can all of this be legal?  Because dystopia is now!  It's real and that's the world you're living in.  Welcome.


Wow, amazing game! 10/10, no flaws.


Game clearly has a purpose and I think it shows that well


All packets are equal, but some are more equal than others.


I'm glad you gave your amazing game a new home on, because I hope that many people might find their way to it on here! While it's a serious game in the sense of its theme (net neutrality), you managed to implement a "Papers, Please"-like in a wonderfully designed setting. All the pixel portraits of the customers are just gorgeous! That's why this game was one of my absolute favorites of the Global Game Jam 2018, so I felt the urge to write a recommendation article about it as well as creating a little gameplay video of it. :) Thanks for your amazing game, I hope your future projects will go as well as this one! <3

Best wishes,

Hi Sebastian,

We are glad you enjoyed the game! Thank you so much for featuring Packets Please and making the video! We love finding new and interesting game jam games to play through your feed :D

And I'm always glad when I find a new one of you! :D You're making great stuff and I can't wait for new jam entries. <3

love it and hope you make this into a full game like a big one with more story and game play

Great playable leaflet about Net Neutrality. You won't be getting what's wrong with breaking NN quicker than this.

good but please let save and load / no time limit

this game is awesome, i would like it to be a download 

Very educational

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I really like this game, but it's clear that it's still in development because after a few days of it's most hectic session, it's just the dealing with the same three promotions and the usage limits.

It's also glaringly obvious that anyone that's using a promotion is going to be within their usage limits to prevent confusion for the player.

But it's very clear how complex this game can get, dealing with various promotions, prohibited services, etc. especially when these categories intersect, like disconnecting Bronze users for using any services besides browsing.


How about this, you can have multiple decision criteria be true at once (i.e. using a promotion, but over their limit) and use the numbered list on the Company Policy email as a decision priority list. So on some days, throttling people who reached their limit will be more important than promotions, and vice versa on some other days.

Also, add more services like social media as separate from browsing, maybe even have news as separate, too. You could also add GPS services and things like that.

Adding scenarios involving news and information sites, as well as maintaining where users are, like in that South America scenario, can add a serious political element to the game to build on it's central anti-corporatism theme.


Windows, version?

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Really fun game! If you liked "Papers, please" as I did this is the game to try! And it's also free! Only one defect: please add pause menu and some audio options. Other than that, it looks great! You should definitely try to make a full game out of this


This game is really cool ! I really like the art and concept ! *v*

But I was wondering if there is an end to this game (except from being fired)..I've played until day 11 but it is just the same thing over and over again.


It contains parodies of ComCast and Donald Trump.
It is unnecessarily unfair to infract rules by speeding up the network of the most needy users.
Here ComCast is like a global multinational telecommunications company, when the effects of the end of neutrality are given only in the USA, Since in other countries have other companies with rules that even advanced the case of the USA, as in China or Portugal. But it could be global someday, I've also heard about it coming into force on February 27 (2018).

Although good simulation, since it shows as if it were easy to accelerate and slow down the connection of others.

Fail me, it seems that the end of neutrality will actually come into force in April 23 (2018), We have a bit of luck, but equally painful <:(

Ok, that other comment was also a fail me. The true end of Net Neutrality is June 11 (2018), and this time it won't be a joke.

Really cool. Theres a lot of funny stuff in here. I did get some issues that it disconnected when I pressed throttle.

Well that was certainly fun.  I love how I was able to work with this one although it does get harder as the days progress.  Love the content.  If I find this on gamejolt I am so supporting this.  5/5 all the way.

Youtuber:  Fellowplayer

love the theme!

I'm not sure I quite get the concept even though i've played games like papers please. 

I think I might have to give this another go!

Hi Raithias,

Thank you for playing Packets, Please!

It seems you have been boosting customers who are already using more than their allotted data (the gold, silver, bronze badges indicate what tier the customers are. Their data usage is next to their start time), and sending some responses that violate HR (“eat my butt”). Once you get 5 strikes you are fired from your position at CosmoCast. We will add more clear messaging at the beginning so you know where to find the relevant info. 

We hope you give it another shot!

This is so clever!! Love it! Congrats on jamming!

Thank you!

ajit pai simulator

We are thinking of having him in the game as an Easter egg :)

Would be funny, we need to share this game with him, just so he knows what he did.

This is fantastic. Super challenging and relevant. A+

thanks for playing!

I liked it, but it was very confusing at the beginning. The UI is just hard to make sense of.

I got a handle of it at some point, though.

thanks for making this video! We’re definitely going to address some of the issues you identified!

How do you play this? I get fired before I even read the intro text and figure out what's going on.

Got through the first day by constantly clicking outside the game to pause it...

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Hi CyberShadow,

Thanks for trying out our game!

The goal of the game is to throttle, boost, or disconnect customers based on the company policy of the day.  Sometimes the information is in multiple emails.

You get strikes from multiple sources, for example:

  • Choosing the wrong action for a customer based on company policy
  • Not keeping up with the queue of customers you need go handle
  • Choosing responses to emails that violate HR

We plan to make this more clear in an updated version.

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Got it, thanks!

Maybe make emails modal (front & center) & pause the game while they're open?

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We plan to make it so you can take your time reading the initial emails and then press a button to start receiving customers for the day. 

However, once customers start coming we want you to balance your time handling customers and reading emails as it’s part of the difficulty :)

Like "Papers, please" then. Sounds good!

Deleted 5 years ago

thanks for playing and making this video!

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