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Got #82! This is an amazing game! (This is kinda like wario ware lol)

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52 on second and last try

good game but im on tackpad


f*ck you Cosmic adventure squad shit


well that's quite rude, why do you dislike them?

its obvious. theyre bad at the game.

Super clever idea, I love replaying this one! I always struggle with the scene-building level, my hand gets so shaky! My best is #3, and I adore every level! Really clever idea!

As a game developer, I would like to praise the witty idea of expressing the process of developing a game in such a fun way.

i love thisgame its so cute and the every 10 seoncd feature makes my brain happy my high score is #3

The coding bit is a bit too hard, there are unnecessary capital letters everywhere in there. But overall a very fun game!

Oh and also, the 'play and rate' section shows a keyboard as input instead of a mouse, please fix that.

Very well made! My best is #12, but I've had a lot of fun playing this over and over. Great idea and beautiful execution! 10/10


nice work. Great entry too


really cute!


#11 Really fun


i got 423 💀


incredibly fun and innovative!!


Remind me not to become a game jam developer


#98 ;=;


Genious, very clean, GG




Really fun little game. It’s mindblowing that you managed to create so many different mini-games in just 72 hours. Awesome.


YOOOOO first try!


I got rick rolled.
10/10 , amazing


playing with a touchpad instead of a mouse was a mistake HAHA but i had a lot of fun! very creative idea :)


Oddly, I got four stars and rank 21, then I played again, got four and a half, and got 52nd. Super fun tho!


It's an amazing game!! I got #74 as a score. 

Coding and advertising stressed me out a bit as I'm not a fast typer :((

But overall, good game! I would love to see more games like this : D


Really cool game ! I got 1# rank :D

It was fun, makes me think a little of Wario Ware

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One of the most engaging game jam game I have played.

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This was a very fun game, got #77 as a ranking.

I the music minigame was straightforward, while the bug smashing minigame was fun.

Had some difficulties with the drawing, theme object dragging, and coding games, but they were tense and exciting activities as well.

Game jams are certainly an experience.