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Seems like no matter how much matter I collect, it says it collected 2.



Very good, love the art style.

I wish restart wouldn't bring me back to the title screen every time. Even though the transitions and colors are very nice.

It would be cool if when you restarted the game as the final black hole you would explode and cause the big bang that starts the game.

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I'm having a little trouble because I am in the first stage and then I get too far away. There's no more matter. I try to go back, but there's no matter anywhere... I've only absorbed one :') 

EDIT: Okay I'm having a lot of trouble. I keep running into dead ends. Also, I need to gather 5K when I'm only in the first stage, is that intended? It gets hard when everyone's a star and you're not :') 


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I think I found a bug I was boosting and eating and when I turned into a Cosmic Epoch and I was almost completely invisible could only see my trail

witnessing and then destroying the entire universe has never been so cute !

fun game and chill, 5/5


i have all of the matter and yet i still cannot find who asked


nom nom nom


The ending game me a sort of 'what have I done feeling' you literally destroy the universe.
The ominous music as you slowly grow and consume everything is pretty scary.
I just wanted to see what was the next stage after supermassive black hole!


That was so sweet and cute!


i literally cried in this one


i just realized, you continue to grow at the end screen.


one minute you're a quark, the next, you've devoured the universe.


i love this concept!


the ending suddenly gets scary


Anti-climatic ending.


absolutely beautiful visuals and lovely music! good job :D


it could be longer

and less like .io games


Stunning visuals, great game loop and super soundtrack.

good job !