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now chilling with max coins

chilling outside the map of the end screen

Cool game !

life = s   t   o   n   k   s

wow! very fun

super cool concept and a fun execution!

really fun concept!

Very nice!


l like this game


There could have been secret when you escape the end room.

how can i do that?

Arrange the coins correctly

Loved the game and it fits the theme so well :D

My favorite level was the one where you expelled multiple coins to push coins further in and unlock the barrier. I thought was a really clever use of the mechanics!

yeah great. my game stopped working

I like it .


amazing game I've loved the concept


This game's level design is incredibly inventive, and utilizes the little things it has to make yourself think, in other words, it's incredible!

Super awesome game! i love it.


Super great jam game!  Would love to play a full length one!

Great game!


Awesome game ! Good job !